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Identification Products for the Electric Utility Industry


For over 40 years, Electromark® has been the industry leader for electric utility identification. We offer innovative, long-lasting and proven products for use in generation, transmission and distribution. Our wide variety of signs, labels, and tags are a proven way to protect your people and assets.

In addition to offering the highest quality, most durable signs, labels and tags, Electromark® offers expert sales support, innovative research and development, extensive industry knowledge and responsive customer service. We are committed to meeting all of your identification needs.

If you would like a quote or to place an order, our knowledgeable sales team is ready and waiting to assist you by phone (800-295-8247), live chat, email or fax.

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Featured Electric Utility Products

      MetalPhoto Asset ID Marker Equipment Maintenance Tag    Meter Disconnect Label

                          MetalPhoto Asset ID Tags                                   Equipment Maintenance Tags                                               Meter Disconnect Labels


         Warning Keep Out          Copper Theft Sign

                                          ANSI Safety Signs                                                                                                Copper Theft Signs