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How to Update Your Browser

In order to purchase items from Electromark.com, your browser has to be Internet Explorer v.8 or higher, the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox. 

Updating your browser is fairly simple. First, identify what browser you prefer to use. Then, click on the appropriate browser to verify whether or not you need an update. To check your version, make sure the browser you click is the same as the one you are currently using. For example, if you want to update Internet Explorer, make sure you are in Internet Explorer for the update. Last step, if the page you linked to from the choices below says you don't have the latest version, follow the prompts to update your browser. 

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome (Updates automatically once reopened, the link indicates if you need an update)
  •  Firefox

    If you're still having trouble making your purchase, please contact customer service at 800-295-8247 or customerservice@electromark.com