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Photosensitive Anodized Aluminum 

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When durability matters, choose Metalphoto®.

Metalphoto® is the leading material for durable, long lasting barcode labels, asset tags and variable
information plates.Made of photosensitive anodized aluminum, these reliable, custom tags and labels                                
are designed to meet your asset tracking system and remain readable for more than 30 years outdoors.                    Metalphoto Cross-Section
Metalphoto Cross-Section
Why choose Metalphoto® from Electromark?                                                                                              
Exceptionally Durable – Sealed within the anodic layer, the image is resistant to abrasion, intense
temperatures, UV exposure, chemicals and solvents for at least 30 years
Tech-Savvy – Print barcodes and QR codes to streamline asset tracking systems
Improves Accuracy – Eliminates errors caused by manual data collection and offers a more precise
image compared to engraving
Widely Specified – Meets a wide array of commercial, government and military specifications
including GGP-445B, MIL-STD-130N, MIL-A-8625F and MIL-DTL-15024F
Cost-Effective – Increases productivity and reduces rework