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Identification Products for the Nuclear Industry

Electromark® provides products and services to make sure your plant labeling program is complete.  Our expert sales staff works with you to determine the informational and safety needs of all plant personnel.  Whether it is asset identification that meets the requirements of IEEE 323-74, ANSI N45.2.2 and Nuclear Regulatory Guide 1.38, or UL approved signs for fire doors, Electromark® can help you out.  Ask for a copy of our Quality Assurance Manual, based on the guidelines found in Federal Regulation 10CFR50 Appendix B and ANSI N45.2.

If you would like a quote or to place an order, our knowledgeable sales team is ready and waiting to assist you by phone (800-295-8247), live chat, email or fax.

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Featured Nuclear Products

                             Tiger Tag                      Radiation Label 

                                                                Tiger Tags                                                                                            Radiation Self-Laminating Labels


                             J-Sign               Porcelain Valve Tag

                                        Radiation J-Signs                                                                                Porcelain Valve Tags