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Numbers & Letters

Electromark offers the highest quality numbers and letters in the market. Our digits are subject to thousands of hours of in-depth QUV testing. Our number and letter offering consists of a wide variety of custom capabilities including, one piece sequential numbering, special kits, adhesive tapes placed on the back of our digits and more.  Easily apply these digits to steel, fiberglass and concrete poles. 

Electromark also specializes in reflective digits.  These digits reduce downtime by helping lineman find what they are looking for quicker. Our reflective digits come in three different types: engineer-grade, which is your traditional pole marking solution that has a minimum outdoor life of 10 years; high intensity, which has three-time higher reflectivity than engineer grade, and SunBright, which offers a broader viewing angle, a truer color, and the greatest night time visibility of all three options.

If you have any questions regarding our numbers or letters, please contact us at 1-800-295-8247, or reach out to your local customer service representative.

What to Consider When Purchasing Numbers & Letters

What to Consider When Purchasing Numbers & Letters


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