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ANSI Compliant Self-Laminating Lockout Tags

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  • Extremely durable and lightweight tags resist temperature extremes, UV, moisture and wind.
  • For single use; pencil or pen markings appear highly legible.
  • Inscribe information and overlay with clear polyester adhesive flap.
  • Sold with non-conductive 1/2" plastic grommets. Plastic grommets are indicated by SG in part number.
  • Can customize to fit work protection program.
  • Accessories : Hot Clip; Cable Ties
  • Attachment Method : Cable Ties, String, Wire
  • 5th Edition Catalog Page : 31
  • Minimum Outdoor Life : 7 years
  • Standards : ANSI Z535.5
  • ANSI Compliant Self-Laminating Lockout Tags
    Part Number Material Description Standard Sizes Standard Colors Standard Legends UOM Unit Price Quantity
    LOT004JP1T93SG Polyester 4" x 9.5" Red/Black on White DANGER HOLD TAG 1  PER EACH