The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published and continuously updates ANSI Z535, the only tested standard for safety compliant signs, labels, tags, and tape in the work environment.

ANSI Z535 specifies colors, safety symbols, viewing distance, and message content specific to power and communication installations. 

ANSI Z535 Sections:

ANSI Z535.1 American National Standard for Safety Colors
ANSI Z535.2 American National Standard for Environmental and Facility Safety Signs
ANSI Z535.3 American National Standard for Criteria for Safety Symbols
ANSI Z535.4 American National Standard for Product Safety Signs and Labels (same as Z535.2 with the exception of the application environment)
ANSI Z535.5 American National Standard for Safety Tags and Barricade Tapes (temporary hazards)
ANSI Z535.6 American National Standard for Product Safety Information in Product Manuals, Instructions, and Other Collateral Materials.


How do I make my signs ANSI compliant?

We offer ANSI Safety Sign Audits free of charge. Send in any art proof, existing sign, tag, label or tape image to have it reviewed by our safety experts.

We will assess each component of the ANSI standard, provide updated artwork and a quote for our recommended ANSI-compliant product. Request an ANSI Safety Sign Audit from Electromark by calling (800) 295-8247.


The Electromark ANSI Reference Guide is designed to be a current, authoritative source regarding the ANSI Z535-2011 Safety Sign Standard and every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the text, symbols, and illustrations. However,  Electromark makes no guarantee, warranty, or representation that this compilation is accurate, complete, or without errors.