Over-the Shoulder Vehicle Spill Kit

$101.55 / Kit

Sling it over your shoulder and go directly to the spill with this vehicle spill kit. This kit will easily fit in your truck compartments and storage cubbies. Use this kit to absorb up to 11.5 gallons. 

  • Mixed spill kit – Absorbs both petroleum-based oils and water-based liquids
  • Fire-Resistant  
  • Includes
  • Qty Per
Polyethylene Bag with Straps, (10) Universal 15 in x 19 in Pads, (2) Disposal Bags, (20) Oil Only 15 in x 19 in Pads, (3) 3 in x 42 in Socks, Goggles, Nitrile Gloves, Putty Pat, Set of 9 Plugs
Case of 4 Kits