20-Gallon Substation Spill Kit

$185.17 /

For medium spills, the 20-gallon substation pack can absorb up to 17 gallons per kit. Kits come in 20-gallon, polyethylene UN-approved drums. Drums have a screw top lid and are both water and chemical-resistant. 

  • Available in Universal and Oil Only 
  • Fire-Resistant 
Absorbent Type
  • Includes
  • Qty Per
20-Gallon Polyethylene Container, (12) 15 in x 19 in Pads, (3) 3 in x 12 ft Socks, (2) 18 in x 18 in Pillows, (3) Disposal Bags, Goggles, Handbook, Nitrile Gloves
1 Drum Kit