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When should I use the Danger or Warning headers?

The correct safety signal word header is specified in the ANSI Z535 standard, and depends upon the level of seriousness that is associated with the hazardous situation to be avoided.

Keywords: Danger, Warning, Safety, ANSI, Sign, Design, Caution, Notice

How will my tag hold up against the wind and rain?

When most people think of tags they think of paper tags, which of course don’t last. Paper tags mildew, rip and become illegible in the rain.

Keywords: Tag, Durability, OSHA, Vinyl, Polyester, Product Materials

What does “frangible” mean and what is the benefit of this feature as a label material?

When a label material is said to be frangible, it means that upon removal it tends to tear into small fragments.

Keywords: Label, Vandalism

What are the most durable sign materials?

The most durable sign material is dependent on the conditions present in the application environment.

Keywords: Sign, Durability, Product Materials, Fiberglass, Porcelain

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